future funk - cyberbeats - nostalgia

Grab yourself one of those swirl art spinners, add a hefty helping of funk and disco, a dash of Memphis hip hop, and douse it with a futuristic sheen.  Spin that canvas and you have Infinity Forever.  Producer and DJ, Jarred Nerf, has created a nostalgic blend of the past while keeping the sounds looking toward the future of dance music.  

Created as a side project at the beginning of 2020, Infinity Forever has been a creative outlet outside Jarred's normal bass infused experimental music.  Sometimes, things just need to be more light-hearted and that's exactly what Infinity Forever is all about.  Throughout the COVID 19 quarantine, Infinity Forever has been a part of several virtual events and is going to take dance floors by storm.  

Infinity Forever's production is a blend of lo-fi hip hop influence with disco fever.  Many tracks of his fall under several umbrellas of Future Funk, Cyberbeats, and overall nostalgic dance music.  He plans on releasing tons of music independently throughout the rest of 2021.  Come by and dance with a smile to the sounds of Infinity Forever.    



infinity forever currently has no upcoming performances

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